Analyze Code Hosted On GitHub Using AI – RepoAI

Your AI-powered tool to scan and analyze any repository. Understand your codebase better, identify potential issues, and improve your coding with AI.

RepoAI is an AI-driven tool that can be used to view & analyze your code hosted on GitHub.

It allows you to identify potential issues, such as security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks, and bad coding practices. RepoAI also provides suggestions for how to improve your code.

Use Cases:

  • OSS project maintainers conducting routine quality assurance and safeguarding security.
  • First-time open sourcers establishing best practices and standards for their codebase.
  • Businesses releasing projects onto open platforms by ensuring a clean first impression for users and contributors.
  • Developers handing off repository ownership or merging forked projects by streamlining the transition.
  • Students beginning their first major coding project with guidance on what exemplary open source code should include.

How to use it:

1. Visit and insert the repository URL into the text field.

RepoAI Github URL

2. Click the EXPLORE button to fetch all content from the repo you just provided.

RepoAI File Content

3. Click the ANALYSIS tab to generate overview, spec, and suggestions of your code using AI.

RepoAI Generate Analysis

One comment

  1. It seems like the website RepoAI does not resolve the domain anymore or site is down and/or no longer available. Do you have any information or updates on it?

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