AI-powered Formula And Scripting Assistant – Formularizer

Discover the power of AI with Formularizer – an AI assistant that quickly converts ideas into Excel, Google Sheets, and Notion formulas, regex patterns, and scripts.

Formularizer is a free AI-powered formula and scripting assistant for Excel, Google Sheets, Notion, and more.

It understands your ideas in natural language and converts them into formulas, tasks, regex patterns, VBA/Apps Script to speed up your productivity.

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Formularizer benefits professionals in data management, finance, project management, coding, or any work involving spreadsheets and scripts. From generating a custom formula for complex calculations to creating regex patterns for data analysis, it is designed to simplify tasks that might otherwise require extensive coding knowledge.

How to use it:

1. Visit Formularizer and signup for a free account.

2. Goto the dashboard and select an AI tool:

  • Formula: Generate and Explain any Excel or Google Sheets formula.
  • Script: Generate and Explain any Script in Excel VBA or Google Apps Script.
  • Regex: Generate and Explain any Regex pattern.
  • Task: Generate and Explain any Task in Excel or Google Sheets.

Formularizer Dashboard

3. Describe what you want to accomplish in plain English, like “sum values over 50” or “highlight cells containing text”.  The tool will then translate your instructions into the necessary formulas, scripts or patterns to achieve the result.

  • When possible, provide precise details in your instructions, including specific cells (like A1, F2), rows (such as rows 1-10), or columns (like column B). Ex: Multiply the value in cell A1 by 100 and add to each row in rows 1-10 of column B.
  • Before extending a formula across a range of cells, it is advisable to initially create the formula for a single cell, then you would drag down the formula. Ex: Multiply cell A2 by 100 when cell B2 is less than 10.
  • Break up your request in multiple sentences. Ex: If cell A1 is less than 10, show “Low”. If cell A1 is greater than 10 and less 20, show “Medium”. If cell A1 is greater than 20, show “High”.
  • Refer to specific characters where applicable to be as specific as possible in your request. Ex: Extract text between the first period and the last period in cell E2.
  • Use column letters (i.e. Column A or Column B) instead of custom header names. Ex: Calculate the average of cells in column D.
  • Always include a [value_if_false] when a criteria is not met. Ex: If cell A1 is less than 100, show “Low”, if not, show “High”.
  • Know the limitations of formulas. If a formula in Excel or Google Sheets cannot solve your problem, neither can we.

Formularizer Result

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