Generate & Test Regex For Free With AI – MagicRegexGenerator

Ditch the Regex Manual! Free AI tool generates & edits patterns for you. Focus on code, not complex expressions. Try MagicRegexGenerator today!

Say goodbye to tedious Regex writing!

MagicRegexGenerator is a free AI tool for creating, testing, and editing Regular Expression patterns.

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It uses Meta’s Llama3 LLM model to generate Regex for pattern matching, text extraction, and data validation.

You describe what the Regex is used for, and the AI generates a Regex pattern, tests it, and improves it based on feedback until it achieves optimal performance. This process can make the Regex generated as accurate as possible.

How to use it:

1. Visit the MagicRegexGenerator website to get started.

2. On the main page, you’ll see several input fields. Let’s go through each one using an example of generating a regex for US phone numbers:

  • In the first field, type “US phone numbers”. This tells the AI what kind of Regex you need.
  • In the next field, enter “(555) 555-1234”. This is crucial as it forces the AI to generate a regex that matches this specific format.
  • Provide example strings that the Regex should not match. Leave this field empty if you don’t have any specific strings to exclude.
  • Add any additional information about the Regex you want to generate. For example, “Match a phone number with – and/or country code.”
Magic Regex Generator Input

3. Click the ‘Generate’ button. The tool will create the Regex pattern in seconds and display it in the built-in editor for testing and validation.

Magic Regex Generator Editor

4. Edit, test, and validate your Regex pattern and apply it to your project once you’re satisfied.


Q: What is Regex?
A: Regex, short for Regular Expression, is a sequence of characters that defines a search pattern. It’s used for pattern matching within text.

Q: How accurate is MagicRegexGenerator?
A: MagicRegexGenerator uses advanced AI (Meta’s latest LLM) to create regex patterns. While it’s highly accurate for most use cases, it’s recommended to test the generated patterns thoroughly.

Q: Is MagicRegexGenerator suitable for all Regex needs?

A: While incredibly useful, AI-generated Regex might not be ideal for ultra-sensitive applications. However, for most tasks involving phone numbers, email addresses, data validation, and common text patterns, MagicRegexGenerator is a perfect solution.

Q: What if the generated regex doesn’t work as expected?
A: You can edit the generated regex in the built-in editor. You can also refine your prompt with more specific examples or additional information to improve the accuracy of the generated pattern.

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