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Say goodbye to complex spreadsheet formulas.'s AI instantly generates the formula you need from a simple problem description. is a free AI tool that helps you generate formulas for spreadsheets like MS Excel and Google Sheets. It understands your problem statement in natural language and then suggests the right formula to solve your problem.

This tool is useful for both spreadsheet experts and beginners. For experts, it can act as a productivity booster by quickly generating formulas instead of manually figuring them out. For beginners, it makes working with spreadsheets much easier by eliminating the need to learn complex formula syntax.

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How to use it:

1. Navigate to the website to get started.

2. Sign up for free and begin exploring. As an anonymous user, you’re limited to 5 formula generations. Creating an account grants you unlimited access.

3. Clearly state the problem you’re facing. For instance, you might need a formula for “Summing column A when column B has ‘marketing’ and column C matches today’s date.”

Sheety Spreadsheet Formula Generator Prompt

4. The AI will analyze the problem and suggest the right formula for you. You can then copy this formula or save it to your account for future access.

Sheety Spreadsheet Formula Generator Result

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