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Simplify your regex needs with - the AI-powered regex generator. Generate regex and sample code in your preferred language in seconds. Try it now! is a free Regex Generator that uses OpenAI’s GPT model to turn your text descriptions into functional regular expressions.

Regular expressions can be a real pain to write, especially when you need to account for different programming language syntaxes. But takes care of that for you.

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You just tell the AI what you need to match, and it will generate the regex in the language of your choice. Plus, it provides a sample code and a breakdown of the regex, which allows you to understand how the regex works and modify it if needed.

How to use it:

1. Visit the AI Regex Generator and describe the type of data you want the regex to match. In this example, I entered “Find All Email Address”.

AI Regex Generator Enter

2. Select a programming language from the dropdown. Defaults to JavaScript.

AI Regex Generator Select Language

3. Click the Generate button, and the tool will use ChatGPT to understand your needs and generate the regex, along with sample code and a breakdown, in just seconds.

AI Regex Generator Result

4. Copy the AI-generated regex and code into your project. Always make sure to test it in your environment to ensure it functions correctly.

5. If the generated regex isn’t quite right, you can click “Generate” again or refine your description for better results.

6. If you’re a ChatGPT subscriber, you can also try our RegexGPT, a regular expression generator that’s quick, easy, and comes with detailed explanations.

Regex GPT


Q: What programming languages does support?
A: supports JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, Ruby, PHP, GO, Rust, Kotlin, and Swift.

Q: How accurate are the generated regular expressions?
A: The regular expressions generated by are generally quite accurate, but it’s always a good idea to test them thoroughly before using them in a production environment.

Q: Can I modify the regex generated by
A: Yes, each regex comes with a detailed explanation so you can understand and modify it as needed.

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