Erase Anything from Images Using AI – Magic Remover

Easy object and background removal with Magic Remover AI. No signup required, edit unlimited images for free.

Magic Remover is a free AI image editing tool that allows you to remove unwanted objects, people, defects, or even backgrounds from photos with a few clicks. The AI can intelligently reconstruct the background behind the object, leaving you with a clean and natural-looking edit.

This AI tool is 100% free to use and offers unlimited access to its features without the need for registration. I’ve used it to remove distracting objects from vacation photos, erase blemishes from portraits, and even create product photos with a clean white background.

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How to use it:

1. Visit the Magic Remover app and upload any photo you want to edit. There’s no limit on image size!

AI Magic Remove Upload

2. Use the Brush Tool to highlight the objects or areas you want to remove. It’s better to cover a slightly larger area than you intend to remove, as this helps the AI produce better results, especially when it comes to shadows and edges.

AI Magic Remove Brush Tool

3. The zoom function helps you make precise selections, especially around smaller objects or finer details.

AI Magic Remove Zoom Tool

4. Hit the ‘Erase’ button and let the AI perform the removal process. The algorithm quickly processes your input and removes the marked areas. If the AI doesn’t remove everything perfectly at once, try repeating the process on the remaining areas.

AI Magic Remove Result

5. Download the edited image to your device and share it with the world!

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