Remove Anything From Images With Imagecleanr AI

Remove unwanted elements from your images with this free AI tool! No more distractions or photobombs. Try it now!

Imagecleanr is a free AI tool that removes unwanted elements (such as text, people, objects, or watermarks) from your images.

Simply upload your photo, choose what to remove, and the AI will do the rest!

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It is perfect for photographers, social media users, graphic designers, and anyone who wants to edit or enhance their photos.

How to use it:

1. Visit the Imagecleanr AI tool at

2. Upload your image from your device. Imagecleanr supports most image formats and sizes. For optimal results, upload images with a resolution of at least 720p. Very large images may require a bit more processing time.

Imagecleanr AI Upload

3. Use the brush tool to mark the parts of the image you want to remove, such as people, objects, text, watermarks, or obstructions.

Imagecleanr AI Brush

4. Hit the ‘Send’ button and the AI swiftly processes your request, typically within seconds, depending on the image’s complexity.

5. Preview the cleaned image. If it’s not perfect, feel free to modify your selections and try again. Remember, Imagecleanr is free and allows unlimited attempts.

Imagecleanr AI Result

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