Optimize Your Images for Social With Intelligent AI Cropping

Crop social media images in a snap with Intelligence Crop's clever AI cropping tool.

Intelligence Crop leverages advanced AI to automatically crop images for optimized social media posting.

It analyzes an uploaded image, detects focal points and subjects, and suggests intelligent crops for various social media sizes. This automates the tedious process of manually cropping images for each platform. Users simply upload an image and get perfectly cropped versions ready for immediate posting.

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How to use it:

1. Visit Intelligence Crop.

2. Upload an image you want to crop.

3. Post upload, the tool immediately identifies objects within your image and highlights the suggested crop area with red borders.

4. Select the desired social media crop sizes to download optimized versions:

  • Facebook News Feed
  • Facebook Stories
  • Facebook Profile Picture
  • Facebook Cover Photo
  • Facebook Event Photo
  • Facebook Group Photo
  • Facebook Open Graph (og:image)
  • Instagram Feed
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Profile Picture
  • Instagram Reels
  • LinkedIn Feed
  • LinkedIn Profile Picture
  • LinkedIn Cover Photo (Business)
  • LinkedIn Cover Photo (Personal)
  • LinkedIn Stories
  • X (Twitter) Feed
  • X (Twitter) Profile Picture
  • X (Twitter) Cover Photo
  • X (Twitter) Open Graph (og:image)
  • X (Twitter) Fleets
  • Snapchat Stories
  • Youtube Profile Picture
  • Youtube Cover Photo
  • Youtube Video Thumbnail
  • Youtube Video Watermark
  • Pinterest Profile Picture
  • Pinterest Square pin
  • Pinterest Short pin
  • Pinterest Medium pin
  • Pinterest Long pin
  • Twitch Profile Avatar
  • Twitch Cover Photo
  • Twitch Video Player Banner
  • Twitch Info Panels
  • Whatsapp Profile Picture
  • AppStore iPhone 5.5″
  • AppStore iPhone 6.5″
  • TikTok Feed
  • TikTok Profile Picture
  • ProductHunt Thumbnail
  • ProductHunt Gallery
  • Behance Project
  • Behance Project Cover Image
  • Behance Profile Picture
  • Behance Profile Banner
  • PlayStore High-res Icon
  • PlayStore Feature Graphic
  • PlayStore Screenshots 5″
  • PlayStore Screenshots 6″

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