100% Free AI Headshot Generator To Craft Unique Headshots

A free AI-powered Headshot Generator uses AI to generate unique, high-quality headshots with just one click.

This is a free, AI-powered headshot generator that allows you to instantly generate unique, high-quality headshots from your simple descriptions.

It is ideal for creating avatars for social media profiles or generating images for user personas in UX/UI design.

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The best part is that the headshots you create with this AI tool are yours to use for both personal and commercial purposes, at no cost whatsoever.

How to use it:

1. Visit the Headshot AI Generator.

2. Enter a detailed description of the person you want a headshot for and hit the Generate button. Be specific! The more details you provide (hair color, facial features, clothing style), the better the AI can generate a realistic headshot.

Headshot AI Generator Prompt

3. No more worrying about finding the right lighting, backdrop, or pose – the AI handles all of that for you. You can generate as many headshots as you need, experimenting with different looks and styles until you find the perfect one.

4. Happy with the result? Right-click on the image and download it as a 512×512 pixel PNG file. For example, I used the prompt “A young office lady with short hair” and got this headshot. See if it matches what you were picturing!

Headshot AI Generator

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