Generate Romantic Couple Photos From Two Portrait Images – Unite

An AI-powered tool that breathes life into your romantic fantasies by seamlessly synthesizing couple photos from individual portraits.

UNITE is an AI tool that allows you to generate romantic couple photos using just two portrait images. Upload photos of you and your partner or crush, and UNITE will synthesize new images placing you in intimate scenes together.

For those seeking to rekindle intimacy or explore new relationship dynamics, UNITE provides an opportunity to visualize an ideal shared experience. However, it should not replace real human connection. UNITE is meant solely for recreational use.

How to use it:

1. Visit

2. Upload two frontal portrait photos and let the AI work its magic.

Unite Upload Photos

3. The tool analyzes your photos, identifies the facial features, and then merges them into a single, coherent, and romantic image.

Unite Result


  1. Why are we only targeting male and female couples. Please give options for both male + male and female + female couples

    • I’m having the same problem. You’d think with it being ai and almost 2024 the option to chose the gender of each character would be an option. Instead it tried to feminize each one by adding long hair, feminine clothing, & lipstick 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. Very much like to use your brilliant site to direct paying customers through my portal and share the profits with you by adding horoscope information so as to customize couples needs with more precision. Regards Anthony Beard AB Design Building

  3. Does anyone know of a generator for same-sex couples? I’ve been trying to find the “custom” ornaments/artwork/clothing etc where you pick a profession make the characters resemble the two people and add the names and couldn’t find any same sex so I figured I’d search for an ai portrait generator and make my own gift using the results but that has proven to be unsuccessful as well.. if anyone knows of any lmk, thanks!

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