Accelerate Web Dev With AI-Generated Code From Design Sketches – Design2Code

Instantly converts web design files into quality code - accelerate development with this AI-powered open-source tool.

Design2Code is an open-source AI page builder that uses OpenAI’s GPT-4V(ision) to transform your web design concepts—be they sketches or wireframes—into functional, responsive HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.

It was designed to simplify and accelerate web development by enabling designers to generate functioning code straight from their mockups.

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GitHub Repo

How to use it:

1. Visit the Design2Code platform.

2. Add your OpenAI API key (must have GPT4 vision access) in the settings dialog.

Design2Code OpenAI API Key

3. Upload your website design sketch directly to Design2Code.

Design2Code Upload Sketch

4. Once the AI processes your design, you can preview the web page in Desktop, Mobile, and Code views.

Design2Code Preview

5. Adjust UI components by instructing the AI.

Design2Code Adjust

6. After finalizing the design, download the generated HTML, CSS, and JS code to bring your web page to life.

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