Generate Realistic JSON Data Using AI – JSON Data AI

Struggling with creating JSON data? JSON Data AI leverages GPT-4 and AI to automatically generate realistic JSON data fast.

JSON Data AI is an open-source and AI-powered JSON data generator that allows developers to generate customized, realistic JSON data simply by providing a prompt.

Built on the backbone of Vercel AI SDK, OpenAI GPT-4, and other robust technologies.

How it works:

Developers can define the structure and fields for the JSON data they need. The tool then leverages the power of AI to generate realistic JSON data matching the provided schema automatically.

How to use it:

1. Visit the JSON Data AI website.

2. Define your JSON data format. Fill in:

  • Prompt
  • Number of entries
  • Name/Type/Description
  • Or add own field(s).

3. Click ‘Get JSON Data’ and your JSON data will be ready in seconds!

JSON Data AI Result

4. To deploy JSON Data AI on your server, begin by installing the necessary dependencies using your favorite package runner:

bun i

5. Set up your environment. Create a .env.development file and input the necessary credentials from Vercel, Supabase, and OpenAI.

# Visit
# Visit Supabase > [PROJECT] > Settings > API
# Visit

6. Ready to roll? Start the app:

bun run dev

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