45+ ChatGPT Copywriting Plugins

Complete list of all copywriting plugins available in ChatGPT's plugin store.

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of all ChatGPT Copywriting plugins currently available in OpenAI’s official plugin store.

With new plugins being added constantly, I’ll periodically update this post so it remains a comprehensive resource. Be sure to bookmark it and check back often if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest ChatGPT plugins for copywriting.

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Plugin NamePlugin Description
AISEO Article WriterCreate Serp-based, NLP friendly articles within minutes.
AISEO RepurposerConvert any article or YouTube video into blogs, tweets, emails, scripts, press releases, landing pages & more.
B12 Email marketingSend high-quality emails in minutes that engage contacts and sell your services within minutes.
ChatBlogUse AI to write quality blog like humans. Work for your SEO rankings, not just efficiency!
ClayAsk questions and search across your network and contacts — Linkedin, Facebook, email, and iMessage.
Cold Email GeneratorGenerate cold emails to increase your engagement and grow your business.
Dover AssistantGenerate a personalized email to someone you’re interested in reaching out to for a job opportunity.
Email by NylasConnect with any email provider and engage with your email data seamlessly.
Free Kiddie BooksFree Kiddie Books by www.storybee.space! Type ‘Storybee Free Kiddie Books’ to explore a world of imagination.
Git OSS StatsDynamically generate and analyze stats and history for OSS repos and developers.
ImageSearchDiscover complimentary images to enhance your generated article or to highlight specific paragraphs from
JiniGet factual, knowledge-base and real-time information. Search news, images, videos, music, apps, pages and facts.
Job Cover LetterI’ll make a powerful, ATS-friendly cover letter for your job application. Ideal for email or LinkedIn use.
Kids’ StoriesKid’s Personalized Story Maker: Input names & traits for a unique tale! Choose length & age for a perfect fit.
liveinboxerGet the latest email from top brands.
Lsong AILsong’s AI provides AI-powered content like news, images, music, movies, weather, stories, memes, and more.
Man of ManyDiscover the latest in products, culture and style from Man of Many. Ask for the latest news and headlines.
Medecine-ExplorerFacilitates access and search for Medicine articles, including author and journal details – By Nabil Brag.
MojitoI can convert your chats to articles and posts them online🍹.
NamePediaBehind every name is a story: uncover origins, trends, and famous bearers.
NewsBreakLearn about the most popular local or national news and find local businesses and events in the United States.
NewsPilotBreaking global news in brief, 15000 news sources from worldwide.
NFT News RoundupGet Today’s NFT News Headlines As A Clickable Link Roundup!
OnePage Stock IdeasFind a list of stock ideas by asking it or feeding it with news or article.
OutreachCraft a personalized sales email for a potential client you’d like to approach about your services.
Outreach AIGenerate a personalized sales email for a prospect to whom you want to reach out to for selling your service.
OwlerOwler provides real-time business news and insights on private and public companies.
Penrose AnalystSearch global news and research papers. Summarize Arxiv.org links. Ask me for the latest news!
PubMed ResearchThe most powerful PubMed search tool, powered by Google Custom Search! Find research articles swiftly and easily.
Quick News DigestDiscover world news tailored for you. Curated articles aligned with your interests on demand.
Research ButlerGet a summarized list of research articles based on an any topic.
RoshiCreate interactive lessons from online articles or Youtube videos.
Saltwire SearchInteract with the news instead of just reading it.
SaveSave articles, data, ideas and research findings. It is an efficient way to access this stored content in the future.
SceneXplainSceneXplain lets you attach images to your prompt. Explore image storytelling beyond pixels.
ScienceSearch over 250M scientific papers and research articles. Perfect for researchers or students.
Shuto.IOShuto.IO is a multi-tool for creators and developers with SMS, Email, WordPress and SSH Command Execution capabilities.
Speedy SEO MarketingSEO tool for your Shopify store, ecommerce website or any business. Create strategy, blogs and social content.
StorybooksCreate bedtime stories that instill a love for reading, spark creativity, and build important life skills.
Substack IQExplore Substack! Provide a link, chat with articles, find new authors, search all of Substack, & more.
TechPulseKeeps you updated with top(default)/new/ask/show/job stories from HackerNews.
VBOUT AI MARKETCreate email campaigns, manage leads and schedule social posts in VBOUT, using simple prompts.
WikipediaAsk questions about general knowledge, current events, and breaking news, and get up-to-date answers from Wikipedia.
World NewsSummarize news headlines. You can ask for the latest news from various sources around the world.
WriteEasyGet AI generated articles by providing a topic and links to use for inspiration or data.

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