Optimize Your Web Copy For Free with AI Copywriter

Optimize your website copy instantly! Try AI Copywriter to simplify, paraphrase, and improve your text directly on your pages.

AI Copywriter is a free AI-powered text editing tool that uses AI to simplify, rewrite, or enhance your existing copy directly on your website or landing page.

It provides a variety of AI copywriting functions to refine your writing. You can simplify complex sentences, make your tone more playful, paraphrase for clarity, shorten for conciseness, turn statements into questions, or even personalize the text to resonate with your audience.

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Just enter your page’s URL, and start enhancing your copy without the hassle of using separate AI applications.

How to use it:

1. Visit the AI Copywriter website and enter the URL of your website or landing page:

AI Copywriter Enter URL

2. Hit Enter, and AI Copywriter will display your page just as it appears online.

3. Highlight the specific text you want to optimize, and a handy AI copywriting toolbar will pop up, ready to assist you.

AI Copywriter Toolbar

4. Choose from options like Simplify, Funnify, Paraphrase, Shorten, Questionify, or Personalize to tweak your copy according to your needs.

AI Copywriter Result

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