Free Uncensored AI Deep Face Swap Tool

Swap faces for free with DeepFaceSwap AI. No watermarks. No filters. Try it now!

DeepFaceSwap is a free AI face swap tool that combines Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), neural networks, and other advanced AI techniques to deliver flawless face swaps.

It is 100% free and allows users to swap faces in 5 photos daily without watermarks or filters. You can easily swap faces in photos without technical knowledge.

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Additionally, DeepFaceSwap prioritizes user privacy by automatically deleting any uploaded or created images after two weeks of inactivity. You can also choose to delete them anytime from your profile.

How to use it:

1. Visit the DeepFaceSwap AI website and register for a free account. This grants you an initial 10 credits, separate from the daily free swaps.

2. Once logged in, navigate to your dashboard and click the “New Face Swap” button to create your first Face Swap.

Free Uncensored AI Deep Face Swap Tool Start

3. Upload Your Images: You will need to upload two images: a “Source Face” and a “Target Face.”

  • Source Face: This is the image containing the face you want to use. For optimal results, choose a clear, high-quality photo with a neutral facial expression.
  • Target Face: This is the image where you want to place the swapped face.
Free Uncensored AI Deep Face Swap Tool Upload

4. Enter additional prompts, such as “raw, HD, 4K,” to customize the AI-generated images to fit your style preferences.

Free Uncensored AI Deep Face Swap Tool Prompt

5. Click the “Swap” button and the AI will then begin processing your request. In my experience, most swaps were completed within a minute, though complex images may take longer.

Here’s an example of Taylor Swift’s face swapped onto the One Million Years B.C. Raquel Welch poster:

Free Uncensored AI Deep Face Swap Tool Start Taylor Swift

6. Click the save button to download your face-swapped image in a high-definition format (2048x2048px).


Q: What is AI Face Swap?
A: AI Face Swap is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to replace one person’s face with another in photos or videos.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the images I can use?
A: DeepFaceSwap AI supports JPG and PNG files up to 40MB in size.

Q: Can I customize the AI-generated images?
A: Absolutely! When creating your face swap, you can include specific terms like “raw, HD, 4K” to influence the style and quality of the AI-generated image.

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