100% Free AI Face Swap & Reface Online Tool – Deepswapper

Swap faces between images instantly with Deepswapper's free AI tool - no watermarks or ads!

Deepswapper is a completely free AI tool that lets users swap faces between images with one click. It utilizes an advanced AI model named DeepSwapperX to seamlessly blend faces onto new backgrounds while retaining facial expressions and angles.

The AI tool also deletes users’ images instantly after generating the outputs to protect privacy. With unlimited high-precision face swaps and no watermarks, Deepswapper is useful for both personal entertainment and commercial projects requiring facial reenactments.

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How to use it:

1. Open the Deepswapper website in your web browser.

2. Drag and drop or select an image from your computer. You can upload JPEG, PNG, or WEBP files.

Deepswapper AI Face Swap & Reface Upload

3. Add another image with the face you want to swap. Make sure both images have clearly visible faces for the best results.

Deepswapper AI Face Swap & Reface Another Image

4. Click the “Swap Face” button to see the final result. Now you can share your creation with your friends and family!

Deepswapper AI Face Swap & Reface Result

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