Boost Your SEO with Adsby’s AI-Powered Free Keyword Generator

Get FREE, AI-powered keywords that skyrocket your ranking. Discover high-traffic keywords tailored to your business and target audience. Try it now!

A fast, free, AI-driven keyword generator that helps you discover keywords relevant to your business and aligned with Google’s search algorithms.

You enter a description of your business and target audience. The AI then generates a list of 15 relevant and high-traffic keywords that boost your search engine ranking.

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How to use it:

1. Head to the Free Keyword Generator.

2. Describe Your Business and define the target audience (e.g., yoga studio, target audience of women ages 25-40).

Free AI Keyword Generator Input

3. Hit the ‘Generate’ button, and the tool’s AI then generates a list of 15 relevant keywords, categorized by Google match types – broad match, phrase match, and exact match. Each keyword displays estimated monthly search volume data, helping users pick keywords aligned with their goals.

Free AI Keyword Generator Result

4. OPTIONAL. For those looking to deepen their keyword research, joining the Adsby waiting list unlocks an additional 15 free keywords.

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