Free AI-Powered Palette Generator for Designers – Deblank Colors

Discover AI-powered color palette inspiration with Deblank Colors. Create unique color schemes for your website, app, or any design project.

Deblank Colors is a free AI-powered color generator that transforms your creative prompts into vivid, applicable color palettes. Forget browsing endless color schemes; simply describe your vision and let AI do the work!

How to use it:

1. Visit the Deblank Colors website and enter a prompt that describes your design project. For example, you might type “A dark-themed AI website.”

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Deblank Colors AI Palette Generator Prompt

2. Want something more specific? Choose a color or upload an image for the AI to use as a reference point.

Deblank Colors AI Palette Generator Pick Color

3. Once you hit the Enter key, the AI will generate a palette of five complementary colors. You can then click the “Copy” button on each color block to easily add the hex code to your clipboard.

Deblank Colors AI Palette Generator Result

4. Scroll down to see how your new palette would look in various web and mobile app designs, as well as graphic design examples. This gives you a better idea of how it will work in your project.

Deblank Colors AI Palette Generator Examples

5. If you’re not satisfied with the initial palette, you can continue chatting with the AI to refine it or simply hit the “Refresh” button to generate a new set of colors.

Deblank Colors AI Palette Generator Improve

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