Bring Your Sketches to Life With Petalica Paint’s AI Colorization

Transform your sketches into vibrant masterpieces with Petalica Paint, an AI-powered automatic colorization tool.

Petalica Paint is a web-based application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically colorize sketches and illustrations.

The tool allows users to add color hints, enabling a more personalized and nuanced color scheme. Moreover, its line art editing mode offers scope for refining and simplifying sketches, further enhancing your art.

How to use it:

1. Visit the Petalica Paint website.

2. Simply upload your line art or rough pencil drawing. Petalica Paint instantly applies vibrant color in one of three pleasing styles – Tanpopo, Satsuki, or Canna. The algorithm intelligently paints within your existing lines to transform your black-and-white art into a colorful creation.

Petalica Paint Upload Sketch Image

2. You can further customize the color scheme by adding hints. Use the built-in palette to indicate areas you want colored a certain way. The AI incorporates your guidance to generate a colorized image aligned with your vision.

Petalica Paint Hints

3. It also provides sketch refinement tools to simplify messy line art before coloring.

Petalica Paint Line Edit Mode

4. Download and share your colorized masterpiece.

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