Turn Ideas Into Moodboards And Style Guides – Ideatum AI

A 100% free AI tool that converts your ideas into detailed mood boards with color schemes, font pairings, and more. Start creating today!

Ideatum AI is a free AI-powered design assistant created for designers, marketers, and creatives. It quickly transforms text descriptions into design elements.

Instead of spending hours brainstorming color schemes and fonts, you simply describe your business, idea, or concept in natural languages, and Ideatum’s AI instantly generates comprehensive mood boards complete with color schemes font pairings, and even style guides.

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You can then share the AI-generated mood boards on social media, export the style guide to popular design platforms like Webflow and Figma, or directly copy the HTML/CSS code snippets to use in your next design project.

How to use it:

1. Go to Ideatum AI and enter a concise description of your project or business idea. For example, you could type “Professional AI SaaS” to get started.

Ideatum AI Moodboard Generator Prompt

2. Click “Submit” and let Ideatum’s AI analyze your prompt. It will then generate two unique moodboards, each featuring a distinct color palette that aligns with your concept. In our example, Ideatum might create “Vibrant Tech Oasis” for an energetic and modern feel, and “Neural Blue” for a calming and professional aesthetic.

Ideatum AI Moodboard Generator Result

3. Click on any moodboard to view the individual colors and access detailed information. You can then export the entire style guide, including colors and fonts, directly to design platforms like Figma and Webflow, or use the generated code for HTML/CSS integration.

Ideatum AI Moodboard Generator Export

4. Additionally, you can share the moldboard with your friends on popular social media platforms like X.com, Facebook, Discord, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Telegram.

Ideatum AI Moodboard Generator Share

5. If the generated palette doesn’t fully resonate with your vision, you can refine your prompt and regenerate the moodboard until you achieve the desired result. Ideatum.ai is entirely free and allows unlimited attempts.

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