Free AI Gradient Generator For Developers & Designers

Create beautiful CSS gradients with AI. Generate, customize, and export SVG, PNG, or CSS code easily.

This is a free AI Gradient Generator that helps developers and designers generate customizable gradients without any CSS & Design skills.

You describe the gradient you want, and the AI will generate it for you. You can then customize the colors, angles, and sizes to match your specific needs.

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How to use it:

1. Go to the AI Gradient Generator website and describe your desired gradient, such as “Generate a 45 degree rainbow gradient.”

AI Gradient Generator Prompt

2. Select your preferred gradient type: Linear, Radial, or Angular.

3. Click the Generate Gradient button, and the AI will create a custom gradient in seconds.

4. Customize the AI-generated gradient by adjusting the colors, angle, and size to match your design requirements.

AI Gradient Generator Customize

5. Download or copy the gradient. You can download the gradient as an SVG or PNG file, or copy the CSS code to apply it directly to your page.

AI Gradient Generator Download

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