Meta’s Free AI Image Generator – Imagine

Meta's new free Imagine tool creates 4 high-quality AI images from your text descriptions. Unleash your creativity now!

Imagine is Meta’s text-to-image generation service for the web. It allows users to turn text descriptions into high-quality images through Meta’s Emu image generation model.

Imagine with Meta AI serves as a bridge between imagination and visual art. By simply typing text prompts, users can bring their ideas to life in the form of detailed images. This free tool is ideal for graphic designers, content creators, and educators, providing a quick and efficient way to generate visuals for projects, presentations, or educational materials.

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How to use it:

1. Access the tool online to start your creative journey.

2. Login with your Meta account.

3. Enter a description of the image you envision in the text box, then click ‘Generate’.

Imagine with Meta AI Prompt

4. In seconds, the AI generates four high-quality images (1280x1280px). Select your favorite and download it to your device.

Imagine with Meta AI Result

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