Generate Custom Halloween Art Using AI – Artbot

A unique AI tool that brings your spooky ideas to life.

Artbot is an artificial intelligence tool that automatically generates Halloween-themed digital art based on text prompts. Simply describe an idea or concept you have in mind, and artbot will create 4 unique images incorporating that theme.

You can also provide a selfie which Artbot will use to generate personalized Halloween art featuring you as the subject. This is perfect if you want spooky new profile pictures for the season or want to create cards or invitations featuring you in costume.

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How to use it:

1. Visit and click on the “Let’s Boo It” button.

2. Type in a description of your desired Halloween art and then hit the “Generate” button.

Artbot Type Prompt

3. The AI then creates four distinct pieces based on your idea. To add a personal touch, upload your selfie, and watch the AI incorporate your likeness into the art.

Artbot Result

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