Build Communication Skills With The AI Anxiety Simulator

The Anxiety Simulator analyzes conversations and provides insights into improving messaging for more supportive discussions with those facing anxiety.

Anxiety Simulator is a free AI chatbot that provides users with insights into how their messages may be received by someone dealing with anxiety.

This tool allows you to have realistic conversations and receive feedback on each message based on anxiety levels provoked and suggestions for improvement.

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How it works:

Anxiety Simulator aims to increase empathy and understanding between individuals by simulating messaging with someone who has anxiety.

It analyzes user messages and provides feedback on how messages could affect anxiety levels. This allows people to see how their communication style may unintentionally trigger anxious thoughts and reactions.

How to use it:

1. Visit the Anxiety Simulator website.

2. Start a conversation by typing something into the text field. After each message, you’ll receive valuable feedback:

  • An ‘Anxiety Bar’ shows the simulated anxiety level.
  • A message rating evaluates how your message might be perceived.
  • A ‘Thoughts Bubble’ suggests alternative, possibly more effective responses.
AI Anxiety Simulator Insights

3. Need ideas? Try asking:

  • “What are you doing in 30 minutes?”
  • “Why didn’t you come to the party yesterday?”
  • “Hey, can you help me cook dinner?”

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