Uncover Your Inner Truths with Selfgazer’s AI Tarot

Selfgazer: Where tarot meets psychology. Delve deep into your psyche and find answers. Begin now!

Selfgazer is an AI-powered web app that provides personalized tarot readings to reveal your unconscious beliefs, inner wisdom, and hidden potential.

After asking an introspective question, it intuitively selects cards with uncanny accuracy and offers an interactive analysis. Users gain self-knowledge, clarity, and direction. It’s an enlightening self-therapy tool for reflection and growth.

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How to use it:

1. Visit the Selfgazer web app and ask a question to your Higher Self.

Selfgazer AI Tarot Ask Question

2. Choose your Selfgazer Experience. Opt for ‘Natural Shuffle’ for a draw influenced by atmospheric noise randomness. If you have a physical tarot deck, pick ‘Physical Shuffle’ to input your cards manually.

Selfgazer AI Tarot Choose Experience

4. Advanced Options:

  • Include Minor Arcana: These 56 cards add depth to readings. Beginners might prefer starting with just the Major Arcana.
  • Allow Reversed Cards: These can add nuance to readings but can also complicate them. New users might want to start without them.

5. Answer the Natural Shuffle Question for an authentic, randomized shuffle experience.

Selfgazer AI Tarot Natural Shuffle Question

6. Uncover hints and view your reading on the results page.

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