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Turn your ideas into viral short videos with AI Video. Free to use, no experience needed. Get started now!

Creators today face immense pressure to produce high-quality short videos constantly. Attempting to manually script, film, edit, and render videos in-house can prove incredibly time-consuming and tedious. Fortunately, AI Video simplifies this entire process with its comprehensive suite of automated video generation tools.

AI Video is a free AI video generation platform that combines advanced AI models (Stability, OpenAI, Claude, and Elevenlabs) to generate viral short videos from simple text descriptions. Users merely need to provide a prompt outlining their desired visuals, script, music, effects, and other elements. The AI then intelligently constructs a rendered video clip adhering to those specifications within minutes.

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In addition, AI Video provides an array of customization controls. Creators can incorporate personal images, footage, fonts, and branding assets. They can iteratively fine-tune aspects like visual styles, scene ordering, voiceovers, and more through conversational prompts.

How to use it:

1. Click here to join AI Video’s Discord community.

2. Navigate to an open channel in your left menu, such as “generate-1” or “generate-2”.

3. To start a project, type /stanley. Then click on “1 Message” to open your thread, where you can use natural language to chat with Stanley. You can add or generate images, videos, text prompts, ask questions about your script and content ideas, and much more!

AI Video Stanley

4. Here’s an example of a video created using the prompt: Make a vibrant and colorfully illustrated video about my blog post: "When a star dies, it explodes in a supernova and sends these heavy elements out into the universe like seeds ready to spawn a new civilization."

5. After receiving your video, you can make changes using natural language:

  • “It’s too long. Get rid of the last 2 scenes.”
  • “Now try again using a retro comic book style for every scene.”
  • “I don’t like the stock video used for the part about economic growth. Replace it with a price chart.”

6. Want to include your own images or videos? Just drag and drop them into the chat thread after you’ve run the /stanley command. Then, tell Stanley how you want to use them.

AI Video Incorporate

7. For ultimate creative control, you can generate individual video clips and then stitch them together using the animate button.

AI Video Animate

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