Open-source Web UI For OpenAI’s Sora AI Model – SoraWebui

An open-source web interface for Sora text-to-video AI model. It enables users to generate videos directly in the browser by using OpenAI's Sora API.

SoraWebui is an open-source browser interface for Sora, which is OpenAI’s brand new text-to-video AI model used to create realistic and imaginative scenes from text instructions. 

It allows users to leverage the powerful video generation capabilities of OpenAI’s upcoming Sora model directly in the browser, without the need to install libraries or write code. Your videos can be generated entirely through the web UI.

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GitHub RepoLive Demo

How to deploy it:

1. Open your terminal and run the following command to clone the SoraWebui project from Github:

git clone [email protected]:SoraWebui/SoraWebui.git

2. Navigate to the downloaded project directory and install the required dependencies:

  • Using Yarn: cd SoraWebui && yarn
  • Using npm: cd SoraWebui && npm install
  • Using pnpm: cd SoraWebui && pnpm install

3. Copy the .env.example file to .env.local and insert your OpenAI API key. Note: the Sora model is currently in testing and not public; use the FakeSoraAPI for simulation.

# website URL
# Config OpenAI API here

4. Start the SoraWebui server using one of the following commands:

  • Using Yarn: yarn dev
  • Using npm: npm run dev
  • Using pnpm: pnpm dev

5. Open your browser and go to http://localhost to access your SoraWebui.

6. Optionally, deploy your SoraWebui to Vercel with just one click for wider access.


v0.3 (02/28/2024)

  • Login with Google
  • Google One Tap Login
  • Data is saved in vercel Postgres
  • Can be deployed with one click, but need some config

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