Next-gen Video Generation AI Model – Haiper

A new AI video generation model that lets you create videos from text, animate images, and even repaint existing videos. Try it today!

Haiper is the next-generation text-to-video/image-to-video/video-enhancing AI model founded by alumni from Google DeepMind, TikTok, and top research labs in academia.

The new AI model currently has 3 products: Text to Video, Animate Your Image, and Video Repainting. The Expand Video feature is coming soon.

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Haiper AI’s Text-to-video feature seamlessly transforms written content and static visuals into dynamic videos. This powerful tool allows you to bring your ideas to life by generating engaging videos from text descriptions.

The Animate Your Image feature enables you to magically bring your own images to life. Simply drag and drop your images, and Haiper AI will animate them, adding movement and depth to your static visuals.

With Video Repainting, you can elevate your videos by modifying colors, textures, and elements. This tool allows you to transform your visual content with ease, giving you the ability to create unique and personalized videos.

The upcoming Expand Video feature will enable you to expand the duration of your videos with just a click, opening up new possibilities for storytelling and content creation.

How to use it:

1. Visit Haiper AI website and sign in using your Google or Discord account.

2. You can also access Haiper AI’s video generation capabilities in Discord. Click this link to join their Discord channel.

Haiper AI Discord

3. Click ‘Start Creating’ and choose your Generation Mode:

  • Text to Video (HD): Create videos from textual descriptions.
  • Animate Your Image (HD): Upload images to add animation.
  • Repaint Your Video: Modify your videos using textual prompts.
Haiper AI Generation Mode

4. Enter your description of the desired video outcome.

Haiper AI Prompt

5. Upload your image or video If you’re using the ‘Animate Your Image’ or ‘Repaint Your Video’ mode.

Haiper AI Upload

6. (Optional) Choose a style preset from the keyword list.

Haiper AI Keyword

7. Fine-tune your video with settings like “Seed,” “Motion Level,” and “Duration.”

Haiper AI Fine Tune

8. Hit the ‘Create’ button to let the AI do the magic. Note that the default resolution of the generated result is 720p, and the default video ratio is 16:9.

9. Download the AI-generated video or share the video link with your friends.

Haiper AI Download

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