Transform Fake PNGs into True Transparencies with Unfake.png

Eliminate the annoyance of "fake" PNGs with unfakepng, an AI solution for converting checkerboard-filled images into true, transparent PNGs.

unfake.png is an AI tool designed to remove the frustration of discovering the all-too-common “fake” PNGs – images with unwanted checkerboard backgrounds instead of the expected transparency.

You upload a PNG image with a “fake” transparency layer – meaning it has transparency data but an actual background color filling that transparency. unfake.png analyzes the image using AI vision models and identifies the main subject or foreground object. It then removes everything except that subject, regenerating a PNG with true transparency and no background.

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How to use it:

1. Visit unfake.png.

2. upload the troublesome “fake” PNG image onto the platform. The AI does the rest, swiftly converting it into a true PNG with a clean, transparent background, ready for download and use in any project.

unfake PNG

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