AI-Powered UI Component Framework – openv0

Free yourself from repetitive UI tasks and build quality frontends faster with openv0's generative capabilities.

openv0 is an open source generative UI component framework that allows developers to rapidly prototype and iterate on React, Next.js, and Svelte UI components. It leverages existing open source libraries like NextUI, Flowbite, and Shadcn to build a library of assets for the generative pipeline. openv0’s highly modular plugin-based architecture makes it easy to integrate new frameworks, libraries, and plugins. The latest updates have streamlined framework and library integration.

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How it works:

openv0 accelerates UI development by automating repetitive tasks like styling, layout, and accessibility compliance. Developers can describe the component they want to build using natural language prompts. openv0’s AI pipeline will generate the component code, preview it live, and allow iterative refinement. This rapid generative loop frees up developers to focus on building core application logic and custom interactions. The modular architecture also enables developers to easily extend openv0’s capabilities by creating custom plugins.

openv0 AI-Powered UI Component Framework workflow

How to use it:

1. Open your terminal and run:

npx openv0@latest

2. This command will download ‘openv0’, set it up based on your preferences, and install the necessary dependencies. Once done:

  • To start the local server, type:
cd server && node api.js
  • To launch the webapp, enter:
cd webapp && npm run dev

3. Head over to your web browser and visit:


4. You can also try openv0 on Just describe the component you want and the AI will generate it.

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