Write SQL Queries Like A Pro – SQLyze AI

Simplify SQL query generation with SQLyze AI. Express your data needs in plain language and let AI do the heavy lifting.

SQLyze is a free AI tool that allows developers to generate SQL queries easily using AI assistance.

It simplifies the creation of complex SQL queries into a clear three-step process.

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  1. Describing the desired data in natural language.
  2. Providing the database schema and selecting relevant tables.
  3. Generating a customized SQL query tailored to the specific data needs.

Developers can focus on writing natural language descriptions of the data they need rather than wrestling with complex query syntax. This makes it an ideal tool for developers working on projects that require quick and accurate data retrieval.

How to use it:

1. Navigate to the SQLyze app and log in using your Google Account.

2. To create your SQL query, detail the data you wish to retrieve in natural language. E.g., “Give me the dates when the maximum temperature was higher than 85.”

SQLyze AI SQL Query Input

3. Save your database schema in the ‘Tables’ section. Then, go to ‘Settings’ and select the tables that contain the relevant data. These tables will be used as contextual reference points.

SQLyze AI SQL Query Select Table

4. With your data request and relevant tables defined, click ‘Generate.’ SQLyze’s AI will process this information and create a SQL query tailored to your specifications. Remember, the accuracy of the generated query hinges on the clarity of your description and the relevance of the tables chosen.

SQLyze AI SQL Query Result

5. Copy the generated query and use it in your project.

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