Open-source AI-powered Writing Assistant – Magic Spell

Boost your writing with Magic Spell! This open-source and AI-powered text editor suggests rewrites and expansions, making your text unique and captivating.

Magic Spell is an open-source, AI-powered text editor that allows you to integrate an AI writing assistant directly into your textarea element.

Developed with Next.js and Vercel AI SDK, this AI text editor uses Groq’s lightning-fast inference capabilities to help you find the right words, rephrase sentences for clarity, and even generate entirely new passages based on your initial thoughts.

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How to use it:

1. Clone the repository from GitHub to get your own copy of the project.

2. Create a .env.local file at the root of your project folder and add your Groq API key.

3. Install all necessary dependencies. This step ensures your local setup has everything needed to run Magic Spell smoothly.

pnpm install

4. Start the development server. This lets you play around with Magic Spell on your own computer.

pnpm dev

5. If you’d like to test the AI writing assistant before diving into the full Magic Spell experience, you can try it out in the official playground. During my exploration, I entered the phrase “I Love ScriptByAI.Com,” and the AI responded with:

I Love ScriptByAI.Com. It's a fantastic resource for scripts and AI-related content. The website is easy to navigate, and the articles are informative and engaging. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in scripting or AI.


Q: Is Magic Spell free to use?
A: Yes, Magic Spell is an open-source project, which means it’s completely free for anyone to use and contribute to.

Q: Can Magic Spell generate completely original content from scratch?
A: While Magic Spell’s AI assistant can generate new passages based on your initial input, it’s primarily designed to enhance and expand upon your existing writing. For entirely original content generation, you might want to explore dedicated AI writing tools.

Q: Is my data safe when using Magic Spell?
A: Yes, Your data stays on your local machine. No personal information is transmitted or stored by the application.

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