Make Your AI Text Undetectable And 100% Original – Humanize AI

Easily rewrite AI-generated content to sound human-authored with Humanize AI. Slip past AI detectors and produce original, SEO-friendly content.

Humanize AI is an AI content rewriter that helps make your text more human-like and original.

It analyzes the text content you provide, finds alternative words and sentence structures AI doesn’t commonly use, and rewrites the content to bypass AI content detection tools like, GPTZero, Content at Scale, Winston AI, Copyleaks, and Turnitin.

This ensures that your content remains unique and ranks well in search engines while still preserving the original message and tone.

How to use it:

1. Go to Humanize AI’s website and paste your AI-generated content.

Humanize AI Input

2. Choose a rewriting mode based on your needs:

  • Quick – For a rapid rewrite to fool basic AI detectors
  • Enhanced – For strategic rewriting to slip past more advanced tools
  • Advanced – For aggressive humanization to beat the strictest plagiarism checkers
Humanize AI Rewrite Modes

3. Click “Humanize AI” and you’ll get back readable, error-free, human-sounding text that retains the original meaning while achieving a very low/zero plagiarism score.

Humanize AI Output

4. The tool will also scan your rewritten piece using popular AI detectors. If you see all green smiley faces, your content is likely undetectable as AI-generated!

Humanize AI Detector

5. Note: Humanize AI can humanize AI text into totally undetectable content. But on rare occasions, it can still get flagged by AI detectors. In that case, you can use other bypass modes to rewrite the text or generate the initial text with different AI models like GPT-3.5/4 or Claude.


Can Humanize AI bypass all AI detectors?
While designed to bypass common detectors like and GPTZero, rare instances may require additional adjustments.

What types of content can I humanize with this tool?
You can use Humanize AI for articles, blog posts, social media updates, and more.

Is the humanized text different from the original?
The tool maintains the original meaning and context but alters the wording and structure to make it appear human-crafted.

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