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Write faster & smarter with GG Rewriter: a free AI tool, rewrites, paraphrases, & refines your writing. Try it today!

GG Rewriter is a free AI rewriting app that enables you to generate precise, unique, and SEO-friendly content tailored to specific audience and intent.

It offers features such as tone adjustment, style emulation, complexity modification, formality adjustment, and vocabulary enhancement. These can help refine your writing for various audiences and purposes, from professional emails to academic papers.

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With Tone Adjustment, you can match your writing’s emotional impact to your intent. Style Emulation allows you to mimic the styles of famous writers or create a unique blend of your own.

Complexity Modification enables you to adjust the complexity of your text to suit your audience, while Formality Adjustment lets you switch between formal and informal registers.

Additionally, Vocabulary Enhancement helps you choose the right terminologies to address your intended audience precisely.

How to use it:

1. Visit the GG Rewriter web app and start rewriting your paragraphs or sentences. You can choose from various rewrite modes, including “Just Rewrite,” “Expand the Text,” “Shorten the Text,” “Make it Formal,” or “Make it Casual,” depending on your specific needs.

ggrewriter web app

2. The web version of GG Rewriter offers a glimpse into the platform’s capabilities. For a more comprehensive experience, consider downloading the GG Rewriter iOS app. You’ll find the download link here.

ggrewriter iOS app

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