Reveals Hidden Insights in Your Favorite Songs – SONOTELLER AI

With SONOTELLER's music analysis AI engine, unlock descriptive summaries, mood detection, genres and more from your favorite songs.

Ever wondered what the lyrics of your most-loved songs actually mean? Or what mood they convey?

SONOTELLER AI answers these questions and more by providing detailed analyses of song lyrics, genres, and moods.

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With SONOTELLER, users gain a clearer insight into the music’s structure and content, enabling better music discovery and organization. This leads to enhanced playlists, accurate recommendations, and a more personal music experience.

How to use it:

1. Go to the SONOTELLER AI platform to start exploring its features.

2. Input an artist and song title in the search box or paste a video URL from YouTube to find your music.

SONOTELLER AI music analysis engine Search

3. This tool will then use advanced AI to summarize, identify the main themes and moods, or extract attributes such as genres, moods, instruments, bpm or key, also sections such as intro, verse, chorus from the song you provide.

SONOTELLER AI music analysis engine Result

4. For large scale music tagging, use the SONOTELLER API. It offers dedicated endpoints for lyrics, music and sections analysis. The basic plan is free to test.

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