Advanced AI Music Generator/Extender/Remixer – Udio

Meet Udio, an AI music generator that translates your musical ideas into actual songs.

Udio is a new generative AI that lets anyone compose professional-quality tracks with just a few simple text prompts. It is currently in beta, so anyone can make up to 1200 songs per month for free!

This AI music generator is perfect for anyone who has a melody in their head but doesn’t know how to turn it into a full song. You can specify the genre, mood, and even write some lyrics, and Udio will take care of the rest.

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It can even add instruments and create different sections like verses and choruses. Want a jazzy song about summer rain? No problem. How about a mellow, warm tune with your own lyrics? Udio can handle that too.

How to use it:

1. Visit Udio platform and describe the song you want to create.

udio AI Music Generator Prompt

2. OPTIONAL. Pick AI-suggested tags to help you refine your prompt and explore new creative directions.

udio AI Music Generator Tags

3. Want to use your own lyrics? Go for it! Just select “Custom mode” and paste them in. You can even add things like “[Chorus]” or “[Guitar Solo]” to structure your song.

udio AI Music Generator lyric

4. Select ‘Instrumental’ mode if you prefer your track without vocals.

5. Once you’ve crafted the perfect prompt, click “Create” and Udio will generate two 32-second samples of your new song.

udio AI Music Generator Creations

6. If you like the result, you can extend the track to a full-length song or even create a remix by tweaking the prompt further.

udio AI Music Generator Extend
udio AI Music Generator Remix

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