Generate A Likely Setlist For Any Musical Artist – Setlist Predictor

Generate a likely setlist for any musical artist using AI trained on performance and discography data, trending songs, and previous setlists.

The Setlist Predictor uses AI trained on performance data for artists to generate a predicted setlist of songs the artist may perform at their next concert.

Event planners and concert organizers can input an artist performing at an upcoming show to gain insight into what songs the artist is most likely to play. This allows them to better plan and market the event based on the predicted setlist. Music fans can input their favorite artists to see what songs they may be able to hear live at their next concert.

How to use it:

1. Visit Setlist Predictor.

2. Enter the name of any artist, band, or music act and, by leveraging the latest data and AI technology, it provides a predicted setlist for their next performance.

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