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Create optimized social media carousels in seconds with Postnitro's AI-powered editor. No design expertise needed.

Postnitro is a free social carousel builder that helps generate optimized copy and designs tailored to your brand. Choose from professionally designed templates, color palettes, and font pairings to customize beautiful carousels in seconds, no design expertise is needed. Maintain brand consistency by automatically applying your logo and colors. Export your carousels in high-res formats ready for popular social platforms: Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.

This free AI tool takes the effort out of crafting eye-catching social media carousels. Its intuitive editor and AI copywriting eliminate the creative barriers non-designers face. The pre-made templates, fonts, and color schemes provide beautiful starting points anyone can customize. Automated branding features maintain a consistent identity across carousels without repetitive manual work. This saves valuable time to focus on high-impact posting rather than design.

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Additionally, Postnitro carousels are optimized specifically for leading social platforms, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. The AI learns from your content over time, continuously refining carousels to resonate with your audience. It is currently in its Beta stage, meaning you get to enjoy all its advanced features absolutely free.

How to use it:

1. Visit Postnitro AI and create a new Carousel.

2. Leverage GPT-4 or GPT-3.5 Turbo models to generate captivating carousels using AI, saving time and ensuring quality.

Postnitro AI Carousel Generate

3. Select from a range of pre-made templates to find the perfect base for your carousel. OPTIONAL.

Postnitro AI Carousel Templates

4. Apply your brand’s logo, colors, and more to ensure consistent branding across all your carousels.

Postnitro AI Carousel Branding

5. Customize the carousel’s background, color, opacity, layout, and more to match your unique style.

Postnitro AI Carousel Design

6. Fine-tune the carousel’s font, alignment, and slides for a polished final product.

Postnitro AI Carousel Settings

7. Download your carousel in high-quality PNG or PDF formats, ready for sharing across various social platforms.

Postnitro AI Carousel Preivew

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