Craft Unique App/Product Icons With Free AI Icon Generator

Create personalized product/app/site icons using this AI Icon Generator. It's fast, free, and for everyone. Start creating today!

Ever need an icon for your product, app, or website but lack the design skills? Struggling to find the perfect icon that matches your vision?

Look no further than the AI Icon Generator, a 100% free online tool that uses artificial intelligence to quickly generate icons in different styles, like cute cartoons or stick figures.

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Anyone can create icons ideally suited to their needs with just a few words. The AI handles the whole creative process automatically.

How to use it:

1. Visit the AI Icon Generator website to get started.

2. Click the hamburger menu to select your preferred icon style: Cute Cartoon or Stick Figure.

Free AI Icon Generator Select Style

3. Describe your ideal icon in the text box. Include keywords like colors, objects, and even artistic styles.

Free AI Icon Generator Prompt

4. The AI will process your prompt and generate an icon based on your specifications.

Free AI Icon Generator Result

5. Not quite right? Adjust your keywords and prompt the AI to generate new options until you find the perfect icon.

5. Right-click on the ai-generated icon and save it as a 512x512px PNG file to your device.

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