Generate React and Tailwind Components Using AI – Rapidpages

Uncover the simplicity of web development with Rapidpages! Dive in to generate React and Tailwind components effortlessly. Start Now!

Rapidpages is an open-source, AI-powered IDE that lets you quickly generate clean, modern React and Tailwind CSS code by simply describing the UI you want.

It is useful for rapidly prototyping and building pages during the design process. The natural language interface allows you to iterate quickly by modifying prompts instead of code.

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GitHub Repo

How to use it:

1. Visit Rapidpages and sign up with your GitHub account.

2. Describe the component you want to generate in the text box, e.g. ‘A chat application panel with a header, a search input, and a list of recent conversations.’

Rapidpages Prompts

3. Copy the generated code and integrate it into your React project effortlessly.

Rapidpages React Code

4. Modify the code as needed by tweaking the prompt.

5. To run Rapidpages locally, just clone Rapidpages from GitHub:

git clone && cd rapidpages

6. Configure OpenAI API keys and Github OAuth in the .env file.

7. Create the database and run the app with npm commands:

npm run db:push
npm run dev

8. Run it on Docker:

docker compose up -d
docker compose exec rapidpages npm run db:push

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