Your Free AI Palette Generator – Colormagic

A quick, free, and simple AI solution to find the perfect palette based on keywords or moods.

Colormagic is a free AI-powered palette generator that quickly transforms keywords or moods into beautiful color schemes.

You simply enter a keyword or mood like “sunset” or “retro,” and Colormagic will suggest a palette of 5 colors that match the theme. Perfect for quickly exploring color options for web designs, presentations, documents, and more.

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How to use it:

1. Start by visiting the Colormagic web app.

2. Type in your keywords or moods related to the color palette you need.

AI Palette Generator Colormagic Keyword Moods

3. Click the Generate button, and the tool will create a color palette suited to your input. It provides colors, their names, and HEX/RGB codes.

AI Palette Generator Colormagic Result

4. If the palette doesn’t meet your expectations, hit the Re-Generate button for new options.

5. Registering (for free) lets you track your color palette history and favorites, although it’s not mandatory for using the tool.

AI Palette Generator Colormagic History

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