Generate Limitless Palettes Based On The Colors You Love – Khroma

Tired of trying random color schemes? Khroma asks you to pick colors you love and uses AI to generate palettes personalized just for you.

Khroma is an AI tool that learns your color preferences and generates limitless personalized palettes.

The AI tool has you pick 50 of your favorite hues. It then trains a machine-learning algorithm based on your selections. The AI analyzes your tastes to create color pairings and themes you’ll love.

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You can view your tailored palettes in different formats like gradients, images, and more. Search for specific shades and tints too. Khroma gives you an endless supply of on-brand colors.

How to use it:

1. Visit the Khroma website and click on the Generate button.

Khroma Generate

2. Select 50 of your favorite colors. These selections will be used to train a color generator algorithm personalized to your taste. For optimal results, choose a wide range of hues, values, and saturations.

Khroma Select Colors

3. Click the Start Training button to generate palettes. You can view your personalized color pairings in different templates like Type, Poster, Gradient, Image, and Palette.

Khroma Templates

4. Use the search function to generate specific colors, hues, tones, tints, or combinations.

5. The Bias control adjusts the percentage to which the generated colors are limited to your preferred choices. A high bias provides more accurate results, while a low bias yields more diverse results.

6. If you’re not satisfied with the generated colors, you can adjust your selections and retrain your color generator via the settings.

Khroma Settings

7. With khroma, you get design resources created just for you in seconds. Never struggle with color schemes again!

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