A Free AI Mindmap Generator To Visualize Your Thoughts Effortlessly

A free AI tool that automatically generates customizable and editable mind maps from your input topics or ideas.

This is a free mindmap generator that uses AI to transform your ideas or topics into organized, visual diagrams. It intelligently analyzes your input and reveals connections and relationships between concepts in a clear and structured layout.


  • Ease of Use: No complicated setup; simply input your ideas or topics.
  • Customization: Customize your mindmap with built-in text, shapes, and AI tools.
  • Collaboration: Share and edit mindmaps with others, enhancing teamwork.
  • High-Quality Outputs: Export your mindmaps in 2K, 4K, or 8K resolution, ensuring clarity and detail.

How to use it:

1. Access the AI mindmap generator online.

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2. Enter topics and ideas you want to map.

AI mindmap generator idea topic

3. Engage with the AI to refine your mindmap.

AI mindmap generator chat

4. Use built-in controls to edit the mindmap’s text, shapes, frames, and more.

AI mindmap generator controls

5. Export your completed mindmap up to 8K resolution.

AI mindmap generator export

6. Share or publish your mindmap to collaborate with others.

AI mindmap generator publish share

7. Here is an example mindmap I created on the topic Free AI Tool Website.

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