Guess Where Your Photos Were Taken Using AI – LocGuessr

Upload a photo to LocGuessr and let the AI try to determine where in the world it was taken.

LocGuessr is a free & open-source AI tool that analyzes images to guess where they were taken. It uses GPT-4 Vision to study visual clues and makes an educated guess about the location.

Photographers, travelers, and geography enthusiasts can use this tool to test their knowledge or rediscover memories. Educational institutions might find it a fun way to engage students in geography and AI technology.

How to use it:

1. Navigate to the LocGuessr website and upload your photo.

2. GPT-4 Vision gets to work, analyzing details and piecing together clues.

3. The app then displays the predicted location with the corresponding country flag.

Guess Where Your Photos Were Taken Using AI LocGuessr Result

How to deploy it:

1. Clone the project repository from GitHub.

git clone

2. Install the necessary dependencies for the project.

npm install

3. Create a .env file from the .env.example template and fill in your API keys.


4. Configure the Firebase Admin SDK private key and ensure it’s correctly linked in your project.

5. Launch the application and access it locally through the provided URL: http://localhost:5000.

node index.js

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