Free Photo Geolocation Tool Powered By AI – GeoSpy

Experience the power of AI photo geolocation with GeoSpy. Identify locations with precision and unlock new travel adventures.

GeoSpy is a free and fast photo geolocation platform powered by AI. It can extract unique characteristics from photos you upload, match them against learned geographic regions, countries, and cities, and provide you with the most likely location, along with specific coordinates.

GeoSpy can be helpful in recollecting travel memories, verifying photo authenticity, or conducting research. Additionally, it can assist in identifying the origins of user-generated content, which can be beneficial for content moderation and fact-checking.

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How to use it:

1. Visit the GeoSpy website and upload a photo you want to identify the location for.

GeoSpy AI Upload Image

2. Once uploaded, the AI compares your photo against its trained image data at the pixel level, determines the most likely location, and provides specific geographic coordinates (usually for the city or town). Here’s an example conclusion using a test photo:

Country: Iceland
Explanation: The photo was taken in Iceland because of the unique landscape. The large mountain in the background is Kirkjufell, which is located in the west of Iceland. The waterfall in the foreground is Kirkjufellsfoss, which is located near Kirkjufell. The coordinates of the photo are 64°50'31.4"N 23°19'36.9"W.

3. Below the results, the AI also provides sources, which is a set of related buildings and locations it found based on the characteristics of the photo you upload.

GeoSpy AI Source

4. Please note that GeoSpy is currently in beta. As such, results should be interpreted with caution and not used for critical applications. For professional needs, consider registering for GeoSpy Pro upon its release.

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