Supercharge Your Figma Workflow With ChatGPT – FigGPT

A Figma plugin that uses ChatGPT in Figma/FigJam. Enhance your creative process with AI-driven text generation.

FigGPT is an AI-powered Figma plugin that allows you to generate copy, rephrase content, populate placeholder text, get creative ideas, and more – within the Figma app. Developed to boost your productivity and take the guesswork out of writing for visual designs.

The plugin serves as a powerful bridge between ChatGPT, and Figma/FigJam, a popular vector graphics editor and prototyping tool. With FigGPT, you can generate creative and engaging text based on the content of your design, quickly edit and style the copy, and even populate your components with sample data.

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How to use it:

  • Install the FigGPT plugin within the Figma desktop app or FigJam.
  • Select text layers or frames in your Figma file and use the FigGPT sidebar to generate an AI-written copy.
  • Options include: summarize, rephrase, generate ideas, populate with sample text, bulk edit, and quick styles.
  • A ‘magic populate’ feature can intelligently add sample text and placeholder data to multiple frames at once.
  • Use your own OpenAI API key for free or subscribe to access additional features and higher generation limits.

Use Cases:

  • Designers: For individuals working in the field of graphic design, FigGPT will significantly speed up the process of drafting and editing copy within the design framework.
  • Marketing Teams: Marketing professionals can leverage FigGPT to generate persuasive copy to complement their visuals, enhancing the overall impact of their designs.
  • Educators and Students: In academic settings, teachers and students can use this tool to create informative graphics with accompanying text, boosting comprehension and engagement.

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