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Simplify your branding with Generate unique domains, find available social handles, and avoid trademark issues. One-stop platform for building a consistent online presence. is an AI-driven tool that uses AI to generate domain names and then cross-check these with the availability of matching social media handles. It ensures your domain name matches your business and guarantees the same name is available on your preferred social platforms.

For startups, businesses, or individuals looking to establish a strong yet suitable online brand, BrandSnap delivers AI to surface the best available domain options instantly. Stop wasting time manually searching and let an intelligent system filter through endless possibilities to find memorable matches with the style, tone, and tech-level you want to convey.

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How to use it:

1. Go to

2. Describe your business in the text box.

Brandsnap AI-driven Domain Name Generator Input

2. The Advanced Settings allow you to select the style that best fits your brand’s personality – casual, formal, business-oriented, or playful. Also, you can specify your preferred Top-Level Domain (TLD), including popular choices like .com, .io, .ai, .org, or .net.

Brandsnap AI-driven Domain Name Generator Advance Settings

3. Click the Generate button. uses the information you just provided to suggest a list of potential domain names. You can then check the availability of these names on social media platforms and as a trademark. Plus, you can purchase your chosen domain with just a single click on the Buy Now button.

Brandsnap AI-driven Domain Name Generator Result Page

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