170+ ChatGPT Web Development Plugins

Complete list of all Web Development plugins available in ChatGPT's plugin store.

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of all ChatGPT Web Development plugins currently available in OpenAI’s official plugin store.

With new plugins being added constantly, I’ll periodically update this post so it remains a comprehensive resource. Be sure to bookmark it and check back often if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest web development plugins for ChatGPT.

Plugin NamePlugin Description
Aalii FileChatFile management, in-depth analysis, and quick information retrieval.
Aaron BrowserI’ll scrape data from multiple website URLs. Built for Internet crawling, content aggregation, and monitoring.
Aaron Build ResumeCreate impressive professional resume/CV from scratch or update an existing one. Export as PDF and .docx.
Aaron Code ReviewI’ll review GitHub code, summarize it & suggest improvements. Submit Git commit details or URL/link for insights.
ABC Website MakerCreate web apps, websites, custom code, and more, easy as ABC! Turn prompts/chats into apps in seconds!
Able Network MonitorMonitor websites, email servers, check dns resolution, ping services and check for quantum safe encryption.
Access LinkAccess any links on the web and get the information you need.
AI4ERPPlugin for asking questions related to SAP, including transaction codes, business processes, Fiori Tiles/Apps, etc.
AIPLUX TMAnalyse your business and recommend NICE classifications and items to file for trademarks.
AISEO Article WriterCreate Serp-based, NLP friendly articles within minutes.
AISEO RepurposerConvert any article or YouTube video into blogs, tweets, emails, scripts, press releases, landing pages & more.
AlphaNotesTransform YouTube video courses into your personal study guide, making learning efficient and enjoyable.
Analyze ActAn API that provides access to data stored in Analyze Act, collected from Google Analytics.
API BotThis is a conversational bot that lets you ask questions about a variety of common APIs.
Appy Pie App BuilderAI-powered Text-to-App Generator turns your app idea into Android and iOS apps- just provide text input.
AskForQrcodeGenerate QR code for any any requirement, Text, Url , V card and more.
AskTheCodeProvide a GitHub repository URL and ask about any aspect of the code.
ASOApp Store Optimization by Phiture: keyword popularity, estimate impressions & uncover trends.
Auto PromptSave time by queuing your prompts to run one after the other.
AutoInfra1Talk to your Servers. Works with AWS, GCP, Azure, and anywhere you can ssh!
B12 AI WebsitesCreate a professional, engaging, and user-friendly website for your business in seconds using AI.
Back4AppUse natural language to create, deploy, and scale apps, backend, databases, cloud functions, web pages, and APIs.
BardeenCreate and run automations on the most popular web services.
BrameworkBoost SEO with in-depth analysis, including keyword insights on volume, ranking, and SERP.
BrowserPilot your research with real-time Google search results. Scrape & extract content from webpages by providing a…
BrowserOpBrowse dozens of webpages in one query. Fetch information more efficiently.
BrowserPilotDeliver real-time search results, fetch and analyze info in multiple URLs.
BuildBetterChat with the knowledge of all your calls in BuildBetter (Zoom, GMeet, Webex). Start for free @ BuildBetter.ai
C-Level ResumeI’ll create an ATS-optimized C-Level executive resume, designed to land your senior-level job.
CalculatorA calculator app that executes a given formula and returns a result. This app can execute basic and advanced
Calculator ToolsCreate any app, calculator, tool, tracker, or game instantly with AI.
CapCutSubmit your video ideas, and let AI craft a script, find suitable footage, and merge everything into a polished video.
Chat Stack SearchUse the Stack Exchange API to search sites such as Stack Overflow and return questions, answers, and other information.
Chat with calendarsManage your Google Calendar. View events, schedule appointments, and stay organized.
ChatBlogUse AI to write quality blog like humans. Work for your SEO rankings, not just efficiency!
ChatSSHPlugAbility to SSH into your server and turn your natural language into server commands.
ChatWithWebsiteHave a conversation with any website, powered by magicform.ai
Check Point SecurityCheck Point security reputation about IP, URL, File hashes – Get their current risk and classification.
Check Website DownInsert your website URL to check the availability. Pulsetic tests the uptime, availability & performance of a website.
Checkmarx CheckAISecurity Code Scanning for generated source code. Ensuring a secure development environment.
ClearbitAccess Clearbit Enrichment, Prospecting, Reveal APIs and website visitors data to access information about companies.
Cloud Diagram GenGenerate cloud architecture diagrams. Unofficial AWS plugin.
Company EnrichmentGet company information by providing the domain name. Useful for sales teams.
Content RewriterEnter any URL and have the text content rewritten for you!
Content.appEffortlessly buffer & post Social, SEO, Ad content. Supports WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, Shopify, Medium + more!
Contentify MarketingAnalyze and evaluate every aspect of your website’s marketing. Ask ‘How can you improve your website to maximize…
Convert AssistantProvides guidance regarding Convert.com’s AB testing tool.
Converter AppConvert currencies or files like images and videos from web links and Google Drive to other formats, or work with PDFs.
CopywriterSend a URL and get sales copywriting suggestions for any page!
Course HeroGet course-specific study materials from Course Hero’s library.
Create a QR codeCreate a QR code for any text or url.
Custom KnowledgeProvide your docs, webpages, and other links, and get personalised answers.
daigr.amBuild charts, graphs, and more.
Deep MemoryCreate flashcards and review them on Deep Memory, a spaced repetition app.
Developer Doc SearchAccess thousands of open source packages and their GitHub documentation effortlessly.
DiffbotAccess the world’s knowledge and real-time Web data with Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph.
DirectualDirectual is a full-stack no-code platform that is great for launching web and web3 apps of any complexity and scale.
DisteurQuickstart for creating a product draft on the Disteur platform.
DM Tool KitApp for rolling dice using the d20 or Fate/Fudge systems.
Domain Finder AIVerify if a domain is available by searching across multiple domain registrars.
Domains BotChecks for a domain name’s availability. You can search for your desired domain name.
Domatron DomainsFind available, brandable .com domain names for your business businesses.
Easy ResumeQuickly create and edit your resume with the option to download as a docx or pdf, and find the job you deserve!
For.io App CreatorCreate feature-rich web apps by simply writing the requirements.
forms.appGenerate online forms, surveys, quizzes & more with spot-on questions.
Foxit PDF AssistantThis plugin converts PDF and Office documents interchangeably, supporting formats like Word, Excel, and…
Git OSS StatsDynamically generate and analyze stats and history for OSS repos and developers.
GlowingSchedule and send daily SMS or WhatsApp messages – reminders, inspiration, helpers and more.
GoDaddy Name SearchSearch and check the availability of domain names using GoDaddy.
GoPlus Security AIGet crypto security information by using GoPlus Security API.
Graduate ResumeI’ll create you an ATS-friendly recent college/graduate resume, designed to land your first job.
HACKIT Web ScannerAI Powered Web Scanner by HACKIT.
HTTP WebhooksAllows you to write, deploy, and manage HTTP Webhooks in JavaScript, right from the chat.
HubCart POD DesignerBrainstorm print-on-demand design ideas, then make POD designs. Created with DALL·E.
IFTTTConnect with 800+ of the most popular business, productivity, and smart home apps.
InstaSiteAsk to create a landing page – get a one-page website that can be a presentation of your project.
InvoiceI’ll create professional good-looking invoices. Download as PDF or Word. Built for small businesses.
JiniGet factual, knowledge-base and real-time information. Search news, images, videos, music, apps, pages and facts.
Job Cover LetterI’ll make a powerful, ATS-friendly cover letter for your job application. Ideal for email or LinkedIn use.
KeyMate.AI SearchSearch&Browse the web by using Google Search results with KeyMate.AI, your AI-powered web crawler.
KonnectzITIntegrate to connect & automate your favourite Marketing, CRM, Payments and many more applications.
Link ReaderRead any links: webpage, youtube, PDF, PPT, image, Word doc etc; OCR image; Search & browse web.
LinkhouseLinkhouse builds a ready-to-buy list of backlinks with their SEO statistics tailored to your domain.
Listen NotesThe best podcast search engine and database. All podcasts and episodes. Built with PodcastAPI.com.
MagicSlides.appMagicSlides.app: Ideas to Professional Presentations in Seconds.
MantiumFetches user-created applications from Mantium and retrieves relevant info based on user queries.
MetaMentor by AxonAIMetaMentor personalizes your learning path in any topic and provides you with PDF,HTML and DOCX study guides.
Mifuzi Domain AIDiscover domain names based on your creative ideas and check their availability status.
MindfulDataAISearch with Google. You can search the web with Google when you are asking a question about something recent.
MixerBox ChatMapPowered by Google Maps API, MixerBox ChatMap is the world’s 1st AI chatbot for Maps!
MixerBox WebSearchGSearch and summarize the web with our customized search engine powered by Google Search API!
MpcWalletUnleashing Blockchain Transparency: Your Tool for Deep Dives into DeFi, NFTs, Tokens, and the Web3 Landscape.
Namr.proSay “namr” to find awesome domains for your personal or professional brand.
ne.toolsNetwork diagnostic tool for DNS record lookup (A, AA, MX, NS and more) and WHOIS queries for domains and IP addresses.
Netlify DropDescribe a simple website you want to make, and deploy it to Netlify to share it with others and claim it as your own.
NFT GuruDiscover current prices of NFTs across major platforms and keep track of the rapidly changing marketplace with real-time
Nominus.comCheck if your domain name is available. We support all ccTLDs and gTLDs.
OfferZen WorldQueries OfferZen’s database for tech career, recruitment, service, and pay insights.
One Word DomainsCheck the availability of a domain and compare prices across different registrars.
Open Prompt LibraryUse prompts from an open database! Create prompts and search by title or prompt similarity. List the top prompts.
OpenTools AIFind the right AI tools for your needs from the largest collection on the web.
OutreachCraft a personalized sales email for a potential client you’d like to approach about your services.
Page WhispererGenerate content for your web page.
Passive DNS PivotsZETAlytics Global pDNS with 800 Billion records. Unearth nefarious domains within minutes of creation.
Placid.appA design assistant that creates marketing visuals from your templates.
Poll the PeopleThe ultimate guide for market research and surveys.
Power AutomateCreate and run automated workflows that connect to over 1000 apps and services (Preview).
ProApp Learn DesignLevel up your design skills quickly with a wide range of design courses, interactive workshops and AI-guided mentorship.
Prompt EnhancerUse AISEO prompt generator for perfect prompts. Use the word AISEO to let the AI generate the perfect LLM prompt.
Quantum Ready CheckCheck if a website is using quantum-safe key exchange. This helps ensure your website is quantum ready.
Quick News DigestDiscover world news tailored for you. Curated articles aligned with your interests on demand.
QuickCreator MarketiThe generated Google campaign includes Campaign, AdGroup, Ad, and Keywords.
QuickPageBoost your marketing with fast, SEO-optimized landing pages.
QuickSEOGet a quick SEO audit for a specific URL.
QuickURLShorten your links and track clicks on them.
QuickVoiceGet your text converted to audio quickly. Supports over 100 languages ​​and 300+ speakers.
QuizizzGamify your text quizzes and content to drive engagement for assessment, instruction, and practice.
QyrusTestPilotYou can test your webapp without writing a single line of code by just giving the URL
RCS_AIAnswers users’ questions regarding a website, a webpage or a document such as a pdf.
Recombinant AI™Input a Github repo URL. Get a holistic,deep, relational understanding of the codebase.
Recruiter. InterviewI’ll help recruiters, employers, and business owners prepare for job interviews to enhance the hiring process.
Redesign Resume/CVI’ll redesign your resume or CV, optimize for ATS and tailor it to your targeted job role.
ResponsiveTake screenshots of any website running on all devices and browsers you want !
ResumeEnhance your resume with AI. Submit your PDF URL and ask for quick, AI-guided feedback.
Resume CopilotI’ll perfect your resume for ATS, tailor it to the job, ensuring you stand out to recruiters
RoboAdStart with a URL and get ad copies for your Google and Microsoft Ad Campaigns in seconds!
S3 StorageDownload, search, and upload files to private buckets on any S3 API compatible service.
ScrapeeScrape the text content of any website.
ScraperScrape content from webpages by providing a URL.
ScrapingBeeSearch Google for finding general information and urls. Or scrape websites for the most real-time specific
60sec siteGenerate a beautiful website in 60 seconds using AI.
SembotManage your Search Engine Marketing. Get keywords reports, CPCs, domain visibility, SEO results and more.
SEO AssistantThe SEO Assistant can generate search engine keyword information in order to aid the creation of content.
SEO CORE AIUse AI to analyze and improve the SEO of a website. Get advice on websites, keywords and competitors.
SEO.appYour personal SEO assistant for content marketing.
Serpstat SEO ToolDiscover SEO keywords for a specific topic and analyze SEO metrics/backlink data for a domain with Serpstat.com.
Service CheckCheck if services are running and how fast they are responding. You can check Website, Email, Domain Lookup and Ping.
shownotesTurns long podcasts into quick summaries, finds specific info, highlights key points, and suggests new
Shuto.IOShuto.IO is a multi-tool for creators and developers with SMS, Email, WordPress and SSH Command Execution capabilities.
Smart SlidesSmart Slides: AI-powered tool for rapid PowerPoint presentations. Just input needs and let AI do the rest.
Speedy SEO MarketingSEO tool for your Shopify store, ecommerce website or any business. Create strategy, blogs and social content.
Spirify QR CodeQR Code generator for text or URLs. It’s a general-purpose tool that also enables QR code puzzle games with AI.
SuperStock Fine ArtReturns a set of URLs to examples of fine art requested by user.
Surveillance APIExplore the Synology Surveillance Station API documents and generate example code.
Tailor ERP GeneratorA tool to help creating tailor-made ERP application.
Tan PilotProvides optimized web access ability.
TaskMLManage your projects and tasks. Quickly create projects, add tasks / todos, and mark them as done.
TaskOracleHey Neo, take the red pill less, let me guide you with the optimal tools to smash your to-do list like Hulk.
Telescope LabsData retrieval, analysis and visualizations related to web3 games who are onboarded as a blockchain game.
Top AgenciesFind top marketing and design agencies around the World by service, locations, and ratings.
Topical AuthorityAISEO topical authority tool will generate the topical authority for any topic and helps you dominate your
TotalQuery SearchGo beyond google search: harness the combined power of 70+ search engines for ultimate web discovery.
Turing DeveloperSearch and hire the world’s most deeply vetted developers from Turing.com.
TypeformCreate forms, quizzes, and surveys—designed to stand out.
TypeScript AnalyzerAnalyzes TypeScript, JSX/TSX, and JavaScript files for linting, autocompletion, error checking, and
UniversalEnables to access web pages, analyze PDFs, generate QR codes, etc.
VoxScriptEnables searching of YouTube transcripts, web browsing/searching, and more!
Wanted Job SearchExplore and inquire about global job opportunities, and dive into the details of worldwide positions with precision.
Web RequestsGoodbye Knowledge Cutoff, Hello World! This is your AI assistant’s web browser. Just enter a URL. Google, Wiki, GitHub.
Web Search AIReal time search results. Browse and summarize multiple pages with AI scraping.
Web3 User ActivityView any Web3 user’s activities by entering a 0x address, ENS, Lens, and many other name services on the RSS3 Network.
Web5 assistantAssistant for developers building a web5 application by providing examples, documentation and writing web5 code.
Webbots – Ask a BotStart with ‘Ask bot <bot id>’. Visit webbot.chat to create & share a free bot. Powered by Maigrate.
WebDevBuild a live website within seconds directly from the chat and preview and test HTML code with JavaScript and CSS.
Webpage SummarizerAllow the bot to access information contained in a webpage via its URL, by default returning a summary.
WebPilotBrowse Webpage/PDF/Data. Chat & Write with one/many/none URLs. WebPilot.ai Powered.
WebRewindGet the picture of a website at a specific date.
Website PerformanceMeasure key metrics about your website – performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, PWA.
Whois Domain CheckerA Whois app that takes a list of space-separated domain names, performs the Whois for each domain.
WP InteractFetch or search posts from self-hosted WordPress websites, opening new possibilities for smart interaction with
XpapersEffortlessly find real academic papers on arXiv. Dive into abstracts, references, and access public PDF URLs.
Yay! FormsAllows you to create AI-Powered Forms, Surveys, Quizzes, or Questionnaires on Yay! Forms.
YT Caption RetrieverTool for retrieving YouTube video captions. You can retrieve captions from any YouTube video by providing its URL.
ZapierInteract with over 5,000+ apps like Google Sheets, Gmail, HubSpot, Salesforce, and thousands more.



  • Removed plugins that are no longer available
  • Removed some plugins that have nothing to do with web development
  • Added some new plugins

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