An Open-Source AI Chatbot to Explore GitHub Projects – Waterloti

Explore open source projects on GitHub with Waterloti, the personalized AI chatbot. Get tailored recommendations and easily search GitHub.

Waterloti is an open-source AI chatbot that helps you find open source projects on GitHub that match your skills and interests.

Upload your resume and Waterloti will pinpoint open-source projects perfectly tailored to your technical expertise and coding interests.

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If you don’t have a resume, you can chat directly with Waterloti to browse trending open-source projects, search by language, or ask for recommendations.

How to use it:

1. Visit the Waterloti website.

2. Upload your resume for a customized project match. Let your skillset guide the way!

AI GitHub Chatbot Waterloti Upload Resume

3. No resume? Engage in a direct chat with Waterloti. Ask for trending projects in specific languages, explore alternatives to popular tools, or simply solicit guidance.

AI GitHub Chatbot Waterloti Prompt

4. Waterloti is open source itself. Clone the GitHub repository and add your OpenAI key to try it locally.

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