Too Many ChatGPT Chats? Use This Chrome Extension to Bulk Delete And Archive

Too many ChatGPT chats cluttering your history? This Chrome extension lets you bulk delete and archive conversations in a few clicks.

This is a free Chrome extension that allows users to manage their ChatGPT conversation history efficiently.

It has the ability to delete multiple ChatGPT conversations at once instead of one by one.

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This can be useful for removing sensitive conversations or clearing out old chats that are no longer needed.

The bulk archive feature also allows users to quickly save conversations for future reference without tedious manual archiving.

How to use it:

1. Install the ChatGPT Batch Delete History Bulk extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Refresh your ChatGPT web app to see a new ‘Manage History’ link on the sidebar.

Bulk Delete ChatGPT History Link

3. Click this link to view your entire conversation history in a modal popup.

4. Select the conversations you wish to delete or archive in bulk.

Bulk Delete ChatGPT History Select Items

5. For archived conversations, click the ‘Unarchive’ button to swiftly restore them to your active chat list.

Bulk Delete ChatGPT History Unacrchive

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